When you ask people willing to pursue career opportunities why they want to apply for specific companies, the answer is simple: reputation, constant learning & development, opportunities to contribute to large-scale international projects and professional environment surrounded with people who really understand the idea of team spirit.

For all the reasons outlined above, MCG has attracted some of the best and brightest specialists and college graduates. Our corporate culture is aimed at people, as they represent a core of everything we do in a highly competitive industry. We are proud to give much attention to the selection of the personnel, as the success of the company, first of all, depends on high professionalism of its managers and employees.

There are experts in company passing special training, specifically designed by MCG, and they have obtained relevant certificates. MCG provides an ample opportunity of professional advancement for beginners and experienced specialists and we will continue hiring talented, ambitious and goal-oriented people who are confident and competent in their jobs.

If you have employment questions, please tell us about yourself, by writing us to You can send your resume/CV or any other information to give us better understanding on your background and achievements you have done. Your data will be recorded within our database and we will treat it confidential. You will be contacted by MCG HR team member in case your background suits a specific position we would like to will.